Plastic Bonded Grinding Wheels

A variety of plastic bond systems replace vitrified, resin-oid, rubber, shellac and oxychloride bonds. This fast cure process is used with all systems to yield superior performance. The inherent toughness and versatility of plastic bonds result in higher through-feed rates, combined passes, higher grinding speeds and stock removal rates. A 30-50% reduction in grinding wheel usage can generally be expected, with greater reductions also possible. Easily applied, high technology, plastic bonded grinding wheels yield consistent and significant savings when compared to conventional grinding wheels.

The types of plastic bonded grinding wheels available include, nut inserted grinding discs, thru feed centreless grinding wheels, roll cylindrical grinding, surface grinding wheels and specially developed camshaft grinding wheels.

Our supplier formulate, engineer and produce custom grinding wheels for optimum performance in production grinding operations.  Operational data, production objectives, and co-operation with efficient test schedules are available. We respond quickly with the optimum grinding wheel to meet specific product, machinery and manufacturing needs. Transition to plastic bonded wheels can be made in a few weeks. Months of trials, common with our industry are never needed. All product types are available for trials